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Five Belgian companies and research centers are joining forces in the AstroCardia project. Our mission is to research and improve heart health. To do so, we are developing an artificial miniature heart and associated circulatory system using 3D bioprinting. This so-called heart-on-a-chip will be sent to the International Space Station in 2025. Curious about our team? Be sure to read on.


Belgian Nuclear Research Centre with 70 years of experience in nuclear research and technology.
SKC CEN is responsible for the generation of a mature human derived heart-on-chip incorporated into a self-sufficient cassettes, and to induce cardiac ageing through exposure to simulated space environment (microgravity and radiation).
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Space Applications Services

Provides services to the aerospace, security markets and related industries.
Space Applications Services is responsible for the organ-on-chip hosting platform design.
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QbD Group

Supports life science companies worldwide throughout the entire product lifecycle - from idea to patient.
QbD Group is responsible for mapping out the process, defining the critical parameters and investigating the options for future self-steering protocols.
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Bio Inx

Works on the development and commercialization of materials for 3D bioprinting.
BIO INX is responsible for the research and development of a novel stimuli responsive cardiac bioink and the production of the printed cell-containing structures in the chips.
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Innovative Leuven R&D start-up that develops tailor-made bioprocess solutions for various life science applications.
Antleron is responsible as a subcontractor for the generation of cassettes that include the heart-on-chip and is compatible with the hosting platform.
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