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BIO INX is a spin-off of Ghent University and the Free University of Brussels working on the development and commercialization of materials for 3D bioprinting. It is currently one of the market leaders in materials for high-resolution laser-based 3D bioprinting technologies. 

Their mission is to develop innovative materials and solutions that enable researchers and clinicians to 3D print advanced biomedical “living” structures. To this end, BIO INX offers a whole portfolio of bio inks for various bioprinting technologies such as, extrusion-based printing, Digital light projection and 2-photon polymerization. 

By offering a unique material portfolio with diverse material properties suitable for many cell types, the applications for 3D bioprinting become almost endless. These applications range from regenerative medicine to drug development and the reduction of animal testing.

During the AstroCardia project, BIO INX is responsible for the research and development of a novel stimuli-responsive cardiac bio-ink and the production of the printed cell-containing structures in the chips.