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Antleron is an innovative Leuven R&D start-up that develops tailored bioprocess solutions for various life science applications, with a focus on advanced therapies (cell & gene) and personalized therapies.

The unique Antleron technology in combination with the multidisciplinary team of specialists allows Antleron to invent, test and develop both biomanufacturing solutions and infrastructure platforms to bring innovative therapies faster and closer to patients in a sustainable way. 

The Antleron technology combines digital twins and medical 3D printing with the potential of cell biology to make the factory-of-the-future vision for biomanufacturing 4.0 in Flanders a reality through co-creation.

During the AstroCardia project, Antleron is responsible as a subcontractor for the generation of cassettes that house the heart-on-chip and are compatible with the hosting platform.